Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Using The Scout Program In Homeschooling 

My kids love scouting! It's hard to believe, but we've been scouting for 15 years. It all started this time of year with a 7 year old Lexii attending her first Brownie Girl Scout meeting. Now, Nate is a First Class Boy Scout and Mason is a Wolf Cub Scout.

Girl Scouts call achievements "Try-its" and Cub Scouts earn arrow points and belt loops. If you are a Boy Scout you are probably working on Merit Badges. Regardless of the name, all of these activities can go hand-in- hand with homeschooling. Now that the boys are getting older, I really want them to be involved in deciding what they study and be led by their interests. After the basics are done, they can pick things in their scout books to work on. It's amazing how well rounded the programs are. Some of the things Mason has done lately are: cooking, recycling, safety, healthy lifestyles, sports, computers, art, drama, citizenship, gardening, birds, fishing, woodworking, etc. Nate has earned several merit badges and they are far from "easy". They don't let the kids slide with partial or shoddy work. They must complete all the requirements. They are very in depth. So far Nate has earned: Environmental Science, Citizenship in the Community, Family Life, Personal Management, Citizenship in the World, First Aid, Archery, Leatherwork, Astronomy, Fingerprinting, Fish and Wildlife Management, Photography, Plant Science, and Rowing. He's started work on Communications, Cycling, and Woodworking.

We've found that scouting provides a great alternative to the  "elective" classes that are offered through the public school for jr. high and high school age kids. I'm really grateful for scouting and the asset that it has become to our family.

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Megan said...

We did a scout requirement as part of our school day just this week! Awesome! Seth gets his Wolf at the next pack meeting! Our boys are amazing!

Jennie said...

Yay Seth! Scouting is awesome :)