Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I just realized that I never finished the final post on the LDS Homeschool Conference. I guess I'm not much of a series writer :) My last 2 classes were 2 of my favorite. The Key to Building Youth, Instead of Teens by Nicholeen Peck and Mothers, The Heart of Homeschooling by Myra Johnson.

I always enjoy Nicholeen Peck's classes. This is one she taught at the UHEA Conference in June, and I liked it so much I went again. She reminds us that the "invention" of a teenager is very recent. When our grandparents were between the ages of 12-18 they were called youth. A youth is totally different than a teenager. They are training to become an adult. They are learning to be responsible and preparing for the future. Teenagers are self absorbed and live for today. She played 2 short video clips. One was of Justin Beiber being interviewed and the other was Alex and Brett Harris being interviewed. Justin was talking about himself, his fans, and very worried about his appearance and popularity. Alex and Brett Harris were talking about what they learned from their father and about the book they wrote called Do Hard Things. We then talked about the differences in both interviews. Can you guess which one was a good example of being youth instead of teenagers? Our youth should "Live with purpose and have a vision". I love that! Here are some things that our youth can do:
1. Raise your standards high ( example- Joan of Arc and her loyalty to God)
2. Do hard things
3. Learn self government
4. Know where you are going
5. Network ( find great adult mentors)

When my grandfather was 18, he was in WW11. While fighting overseas, his father died. He was given 1 week of shore leave to go home and settle his father's estate. He went back to his rural hometown of Grouse Creek and sold his family's property to the neighbor. He then went into Brigham City and bought a house for his mother and sister. He asked my grandmother to marry him and they ran off and eloped. He was back in the middle of the war by the next week. I look at many of the 18 year-olds today and wonder if many of them could do something like he had to do. I think it's very important to raise our kids to be able to do hard things. They are a choice generation- they need to be ready when the Lord needs them.

The final class was Mothers, The Heart of Homeschooling by Myra Johnson. She talked about working on ourselves so that we can bless others. If we do things the Lord's way we find joy, peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment. When we do things Satan's way we are tired, depressed, and burned out. Things that can help us do it the Lord's way are: 
1. What is our attitude?
2. Are we willing to serve/sacrifice?
3. Are we willing to build and strengthen ourselves?
She encouraged us to find joy in homemaking and nobility in motherhood. We should serve were the Lord wants us to serve. We should also get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat healthy.

This was such an amazing Conference. There were so many classes to choose from. I wish I could have taken so many more! I'll be excited for the recordings to come out so I can get some of the classes I missed.

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