Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a typical morning.........

Mason says, "thanks babe" to Nate. Nate says, "shut-up! I'm not a girl". Mason replies, "o.k. then handsome". I say "stop it!". Mason says "sure thing Jen".
Ahhhhh, another day at the Wennergrens.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking News........

There's breaking news out of a home in Clinton. 10 year old boy is charged and convicted for his masterminding and carrying out of a major crime spree involving guns and trespassing. The child in question "shot up" the house with water guns and broke into the food storage room. Major damage occurred, mostly to the child's digestive system after eating oh let's say, 40 candy bars or so. He was, however, conscious of eating a more balanced meal and finished it off with pickles, salsa, pasta, water, juice and other condiments before being apprehended. The sentence is being carried out as we speak. $46 in restitution to be paid and $200 to be worked off at his mother's discretion- yes, slave labor. He is also grounded for life. If his parents are unable to carry out this sentence a sibling or spouse will ensure the sentence is carried out. Some have criticized this sentence calling it cruel and unusual punishment because there is no Nintendo DS or Game Cube time allowed, but the most cruel may be the missing of Scout Camp. The cruelty is to the mother of course, for having to deal with having the child complain to her about it for the whole day. When the mother was asked for her comment, she only asked "Does anyone know what the law says about child abandonment until the first day of school?" That should not be puzzling to anyone with children. Oh how we all love summer!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day

Yikes!!! It's been a long time since I've posted here, but this is definitely blog worthy. Do you remember the line from the movie "As Good As It Gets"? "Go sell crazy some place else- we're all stocked up here", well that's us! I have been sick for the past few days. This is down in bed sick with an earache and fever sick- but wait!!!! It's cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a. Who misses that? I asked the kids if they still wanted to go and Mason resolutely answered "Absolutely!" Nate was game as long as there were other cows there. We got all our spots on and headed to chick-fil-a. I think we hit every stop light and the stares were comical. Of course chick-fil-a is in the mall too. All those people! Oh well, it's free food. It was so fun :) We got there and there were plenty of other cows and people were yelling "cute costumes". They rang the bell when they saw us and ushered us over to spin the wheel for prizes and had a basket full of candy for the kids. We won free drinks and sandwiches for our next visit. We ordered our food and the cashier said she loved to see families coming in to do this- not just the kids. She gave us all adult combo meals and told us about the new store that was going to be opening soon and that the first 100 people in the store on opening day would win free food for a year. Hmmm maybe a campout in our future? As we headed home I realized that we were out of gas. I so didn't want to get gas in a cow costume- maybe we could make it home. Yeah right- maybe if there wasn't an accident that diverted us totally off our route home. What's worse than getting gas in a cow costume? Running out of gas in a cow costume. All in all it was such a fun day. It was a nice change to be "fun and crazy" mom for a change instead of just "busy and serious mom".
*o.k. I know Mason looks like he has rabbit ears, but that's the best we could do with a cat costume. Nate's ears look like Goofy, but from the side they are cow ears.