Thursday, March 29, 2012

School Days

We have so much yard work to get done that I decided we could take a few hours each day to "supplement" our regular curriculum. Here's what we've been doing:
A little horticulture

We planted butter-crunch lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, and onions in the ground
We decided to try these mini greenhouses for some of our peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes
We decided to do a science experiment and put some seeds in front of the window and see which will grow best- the window seeds or the mini greenhouse seeds.
We took some time for P.E.
We fit in some biology
We fertilized and put new mulch around the trees
Steve and Nate tried their hands at engineering and woodworking as they tried to repair the broken fence
Mason spent most of the afternoon using his architectural skills to build some kind of a tree house
Wow! I love homeschooling!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Know It's Time To Get More Organized When...

I am typically a very organized person. I'm the one that not only has a list- but a list to organize the first list. Well, that is until it comes to my computer. When it comes to the computer I just can't get it together. I typically have a few thousand emails piled up and files saved all over the place. I claim to know where everything is, ummm, yeah- that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Until recently, there was 5 of us sharing the same computer. One day there "appeared" a folder on the desk top that simply said "Jennie's Stuff". Well, I guess it was time to get organized. I knew I could do it, even the 8 year old has his own stuff bookmarked properly. I moved everything that I've ever downloaded or saved in my life to that folder. I continued, day after day to download and save to that folder. Fast forward to today. I got an email for an amazing sale from Scholastic Books. They have downloadable books for as cheap as $1! I decided to check it out. I remembered that there were several things that I had wanted to get. I was hopeful that they were on sale. I was thrilled to see that they were. I ended up with 17 things in my shopping cart. I thought I had some amazing finds, especially since I had a $6 PayPal credit. I paid and it took me to the new-and-improved download page. It had a list of everything that I had downloaded in the past 3 years. Yep- I purchased 17 things and guess how many things on my list had been previously purchased and downloaded. Any guesses? Yep- 17. The worst part is, is that a couple of things had been downloaded 3 times! OK. I'm now thinking that the $1 deal may not be so great. I have new resolve! I will organize those files so I can find my things and not forget what I already have! I guess the bright spot in all of this is that at least I am consistent with what I like :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Has it really been this long?

Wow! I can't believe that I haven't been here in months. We have just been plugging away at school and a few field trips here and there. Lex has finished classes and is just trying to make it through her field internship at OFD, which she loves! Just this week she worked 4, 24 hour shifts. That's not counting the hours at her day job so she can pay her bills. Ahhh- to be young again :) The next few posts are a few highlights of what has been going on around here. It's nice to be back :)

She Passed!

Lex passed her national paramedic test! Graduation is on April 20th and she is graduating with Honors.

The New Baby

Lexii got a puppy for her birthday! His name is Harley and he is soooo cute. He is a teeny, tiny Pomeranian that just weighs a few pounds. He has to live at James' house though, because animals really aggravate my asthma. I couldn't help but love him up and he really didn't bother me much, I was really surprised. I think it's because he has hair and not fur. It could also be because he smells like a yummy, delicious blueberry muffin and not a dog! Of course Lex would never be able to handle having a "smelly" animal. I was really thinking about giving in to the boys and considering a dog, and then Harley peed on the floor. Ahhhh yes! Now I remember why we don't have a dog :)

Science Fair

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