Saturday, May 2, 2009

Road Trip!

The countdown is on. Only 1 more day 'til we leave for Chicago!

Just another day...

Well, a few weeks have gone by and we've all survived the big "move out". I can't believe how whiny I was about the whole situation, someone should have seriously said , "enough already!!!!" Maybe it's having an awesome new sewing/exercise room that padded the blow. Whatever it was, I'm glad that things are starting to be normal again ( whatever normal is). I really need to start posting here more regularly. Steve commented tonight on the infrequency of the posts. Now if Steve's complaining about not enough on the blog, you know it's pretty bad because most of the time he forgets we even have a blog. I don't know why I'm so terrible at it, I post regularly on my other blog. Maybe it's because there is always so many more interesting things going on in Relief Society. Nah, I think I'm just lazy. What could be more entertaining than Mason explaining to the dentist that he's not old enough to have x-rays and making sure to tell him about pretty much every embarrassing thing that has ever happened in our household. Yeah, it's gotta be the lazy thing because I have enough material provided by my family to post hourly. I know I say it all the time but I will try to be better.