Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Review

Week of August 22, 2011

This was a really good week! We are finally into a good routine.Lexii and Kyle started school this week too. It's a little crazy with 2 in college and homeschooling a jr. high aged child and 1 in elementary school. We definitely need another computer, though. Lexii has her own laptop and that helps, but Kyle desperately needs one. His whole math class is online- no text book at all. Nate also started an art class taught by another homeschool mom. He didn't want to do it, but it turns out he loves it! We also had an orchestra meeting this week. Nate will be starting on the violin. They have about 6 kids in the class and are working on a holiday concert. In the spring they are going to do Celtic fiddling. I love that this will be during the day instead of another thing in the evening. Hopefully he can keep up with both the violin and the piano.

We also just got back from an awesome family camping trip. It's so fun when all the cousins can play together and we can just spend time with each other. There was plenty of eating, four wheeling, and fishing too. We are excited for the one next year already. Life is good at the Wennergren house :)


Megan said...

My mon got my sister a laptop at Best Buy for around $400.....not too bad for a new one! The ones around my house are used and found off KSL. They work great! Will has his own and I have mine! Lol! Glad your week went well!

Jen said...

I've been thinking about you lately. It sounds like things are going well!

Jennie said...

Megan, Best Buy was my first thought too. It's amazing how much cheaper laptops have become.

Jen, I haven't seen you forever! I hope things are going well. I'm glad to see you have some new posts on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I really like this much better than facebook. It tells all about you and the family. I have been thinking about the family outings after coming back from Idaho with Mark. We definately love spending Sundays with you and I really missed it even tho we had a fun time with his family. Yes we are all truly blessed. Mom