Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Does Your Storage Look Like?

Do you have a separate pantry to store your food? Is it maybe your garage? I've heard of people storing in about any place imaginable. Bedroom shelves, under the bed, behind couches, and even burying items in their backyard. I've been very fortunate. When we finished our basement, Steve took a few feet away from a bedroom and built me a food storage room that includes the cold storage under the porch and the area under the stairs. It's really awesome but we are quickly realizing that we are going to need more space. Here's a few pics of some of our storage.

Food Strage - slideshow maker with music

One of my favorite food storage blogs is over at The Prudent Homemaker. She has had to do better at storage out of necessity. Her family has been eating out of it for 2 YEARS. Check out her pictures of her food storage under a well stocked pantry. Ahhhhh......... my dream. Something to work towards I guess.

So far, I've already noticed a couple of things. We're going to need eggs! I don't know why I don't have powdered eggs, but I guarantee I will after August 15th. Also, I have TONS of peanut butter. It's a great way to get protein and it stores for at least a year. The problem is that Lexii is allergic to nuts (yes, I know peanuts are actually a legume- but they affect her breathing the same as almonds and cashews). This is something that has come up in the past 6 months or so and I never thought to make adjustments within our food storage for it. Luckily we have plenty of tuna for this month, but that is something I'm going to have to address.

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