Monday, July 19, 2010

Something I Forgot To Add........

Something that I forgot to put in that last post is that if there is something storage related or something I need to can, it can be purchased but CANNOT BE USED until after the challenge is over. I felt that I really needed to put this clause in because we only buy things when they are on sale, so it will really cause a problem with my grocery budget if I have to pay full price. For example: I only buy cooking oil once a year when it is at it's lowest price. If I miss a sale like that it could mean lots of extra $$'s. Also, with canning there is a small window of when produce is "on" and at it's lowest price. If I need to purchase 200 lbs. of tomatoes and wait until after the challenge and have to pay $.50 more a pound- that's a lot of money!

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