Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Curriculum- Math

My original plan was to review all the curriculum we use and LOVE in a timely manner- at least 1 a week so you could see what we do every day. As you can see, I haven't been that quick. Well, you know what they say about good intentions...

We use Saxon math and love it! Here is a review from Homeschoolmath.net: "Saxon math is one of the most popular among homeschoolers. It uses an "incremental approach". This means concepts are divided into smaller, more easily grasped pieces called increments. A new increment is presented each day and students work only a few problems involving the new material. The remaining homework consists of practice problems involving concepts previously introduced. Thus, every assignment (and every test) is a cumulative review of all material covered up to that point."

Some people might find it really repetitive and boring, but we really like the constant review. I remember taking math when I was younger and learning a new concept and then moving on to something new. By the time the test rolled around I had forgotten what I had learned. I feel really strongly that our children need a really strong background in math. They really need it for science and if they plan on going to college- every major requires at least 1 class of college level math.

Saxon is also fairly inexpensive. You can find used copies on ebay and amazon. I have also found some at the DI and on Paperbackswap.com. Saxon also has placement tests on their website so you know what level you should start with. This is very helpful if you are coming from another program. I also tested Mason at kindergarten age and he placed in Math 1 instead of the kindergarten level. It was nice to not have wasted money on a level that would have been too easy for him.

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