Friday, July 8, 2011

To school or not to school......during the summer, that is!

That used to be such a simple decision. We were on a year round schedule in public school. I loved it! A few weeks off here and there- perfect. Now as homeschoolers we can school whenever, right?

Well, last summer we took it all off. We did math a few times a week and read everyday. The kids fought and drove me crazy with the "I'm bored" thing almost daily. I really don't have heat tolerant kids either. They love to play outside in the spring and fall, but not so much in the summer. It was miserable for everyone!

This summer we decided we were having school. Well, I decided, that is. It's been great so far. We aren't as "hard-core" as we are during the winter months, but we are getting a lot accomplished and having some fun too. We've even had a few weeks off and plan to take the last few weeks of August off, too.

So if everything is so great, why am I bringing this up? Because I WANT SUMMER! I want to sleep late and do things at the drop of a hat. I want to feel those lazy days of summer and maybe do a project or two around the house. More importantly- when am I going to find the time to put together school for next year? Definitely things to think about for next year :)

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Vera said...

You are wonder-woman I don't know where you get your enery and organization skills, I wish I had them!!!!!! I miss you being in the ward and my V.T comp really bad!!!