Friday, October 10, 2008

No, we didn't drop off the face of the earth...

O.K. I am a terrible blogger. I take time to read other people's blogs, but I just never seem to update my own. I always have grandiose plans, but I always think "I'll do that later". Things have been awfully busy around here lately. Lecsi is busy working at the salon and Sephora. Nate has been off track and will go back to school on Monday. Mason is in the full swing of preschool. I have already taught for 2 weeks and will teach again the week after next. Steve has been on a business trip to Atlanta and will be going again the same week I teach preschool. I hate the shorter days that come with Fall, but maybe it will give us a chance to slow down a little.

Here's my cutie pie on the first day of school. Doesn't he look happy and grown up?

Here's Mason on our school field trip to Dinosaur Park.

Nate and his awesome science project on the desert. He did a great job. Way to go Nate!

Another field trip picture. Did you notice my boys trying to actually scale the bars. They definitely can't be held in captivity, not even for a picture.

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Natalie said...

I'm so glad you're back :) The boys look so grown up! They are way cute!