Monday, May 12, 2008

How We Spend Our Days

Nate earned his Wolf at Pack Meeting a few weeks ago. He's also keeping us really busy running him to piano lessons, baseball practice and Scouts. Way to go Nate!!!!!

Mason is...well just a nut! He needed to wear his glasses that day so he could see. He wore them constantly from breakfast to bedtime. He has become obsessed with playing Club Penguin on the computer. He gets up early before anyone else and logs himself onto the internet and plays on the Club Penguin website. Yes, he's just 4.

Last week at Stake Conference there was a talk about how we should be raising our children. There was a story cited about how well children should be behaving. The opinion was that if a child was not completely obedient and tantrum free by age three, parents were in for a long life of trouble. Could I be any more freaked out right about now?

Lexii is doing awesome. She is working full time at Salon Tantrum and loving it! She has to work on commission, but I watched her count out $91.00 in just tips the other day so I think she's doing pretty well already. Her transition to adulthood is going pretty smoothly (for her that is). I still can't help waiting up for her and making her call me after she gets off work every day. She thinks I'm quite nosy. Hey, what are moms for?

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Nat and John said...

Wahoo! I'm so excited you guys have a blog! It wounds like the kiddos are doing great! Hope to see you all soon!